Our flagship product, the Hypix CME System, is an integrated solution that offers medical associations an extremely powerful electronic CME solution that is also affordable and easy to set up. Your content — including text, images, videos, tables and more — plus an initial discovery call is all we need to get started.

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What is the Hypix CME System?

The Hypix CME System provides a beautiful, easy-to-use interface to a powerful self-assessment learning experience. Users can switch between two different modes (“learning” or “exam”), giving them great flexibility in how they interact with your content. Their answers are automatically tracked and users return to where they left off automatically. Our system takes your members from sign-in, through your questions, answers, and discussions, and on to receiving their CME credit. A built-in help system, printing, exporting to PDF or web, media viewing, bookmarking, notes, feedback, evaluations, searching, a fully customized certificate, and more…all the features your members could want are already programmed in.

Choose Your Delivery Preference

Web, mobile, or both — it’s up to you. Each has its benefits, and you will have your own goals when making the best choice for your association’s needs.

Web: There is no software to install and nothing to mail out, because it’s all done online. We have invested in building a CME system “engine” that can be customized with colors and fonts to match your look and feel. The web version can be accessed with any web browser and does not require fancy plug-ins or downloads — just an internet connection. Members can get started answering questions immediately. Bookmarks and notes are all saved on our CME server for later review. The CME credit option is quick and easy. This is a turn-key solution: we provide hosting, data storage, backups, support…everything you need for a world-class online CME solution.

Mobile: With the advent of the smartphone, mobile phones are increasingly playing a larger role in our lives than simply functioning as communication devices. They can provide entertainment, organization, information and, education. Add tablets and other mobile devices and Hypix makes it possible to use your CME content whenever your members need to access it, from the office, home or on the road. Hypix lets you increase your user base and your CME program’s mobility.

Track Usage and Results

Whether you choose web or mobile delivery, you’ll have full access to our CME server’s back-end administrative interface. Here, you can:

  • Add, remove, and find users.
  • Edit user information.
  • See a summary of users in the system, users submitting data, percent correct, and other information.
  • Review how many users are on web and booklet versions of your product.
  • See aggregate answer information by question.
  • Interface with your CMS or association management system to add new users and send back CME credit and other data.

Here’s How it Works

  • Your content: Just send us your text, videos, images, PDFs, and we do the rest.
  • Be empowered: Use our MyCMEBuilder to input your data directly into the Hypix CME System.
  • Easy interface: Your members sign in and are guided through a proven process that takes them from questions to discussions and media, and ultimately submits their scores and prints their certificate of completion, all through their web browser.
  • Powerful back-end tools: Input new users either manually or by connecting to our web service. Review statistics on how many users are in the system, how many have completed all questions, percent correct and more. See data on website and mobile users all in one place.
  • Low-cost subscription model: For the web and mobile versions, pay a one-time setup fee per project, then a low monthly fee as long as the project is active. We do everything else.
  • Hosted on our server: The web version is hosted entirely on our server, which makes setup fast and easy for your association.
  • Free technical support: Technical support for you and your members is always free and fast via email. Phone support is also available, but our software system is so rock-solid that phone support is rarely needed.

Print Documents and Collateral

Let Hypix design and produce your training documents, annual reports and print collateral. Our team of designers bridge the digital and analog worlds. Send us your RFP or ask for a quote.

Video and Motion Graphics

Our award-winning crew has produced short and long form videos, animations and motion graphics for organizations as diverse as PBS, University of Washington, Educurious, The Documentary Group and other leading organizations.

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